Pediatric orthopedics

Pediatric Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that implies to treating children’s joints, muscles, and bones. A pediatric orthopedist is trained in the treatment of children ranging from infants to teenagers. Pediatric orthopedists can perform surgery when required but they also provide other kinds of treatments, like casts or limb braces to provide support. As the children’s bodies are still in growing stage they have a very different joint, muscle, and bone makeover than the adults. Usually, children are assigned to a pediatric orthopedist by their physician if issues arise. Children’s bodies experience a lot of change throughout their childhood and parents usually mistake growing pains for physical abnormalities. So, it is essential to consult a child’s physician before seeking out a pediatric orthopedist. They use surgical and other medical therapies to treat child’s abnormalities.

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    December 05-06, 2022

    16th Global Summit on Orthopedics and Physiotherapy

    Rome, Italy

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