Osteoporosis is the bone disease that occurs when the body makes too little or loses too much of bone or both. As such the bones become weak and may break when a person fall or in some serious cases from minor bumps. Osteoporosis is a silent disease because one can’t feel the weakening of bones. Breakage of bone is the first symptom of osteoporosis. It can be effect the both male and female, but mostly effects women after menopause because of sudden decrease in Estrogen levels, that normally protects against osteoporosis and it leads to weakening of bones. It affects the men and women of all races. Seeking healthy medications, healthy diet and mostly exercise can help the prevention of bone loss. The major factors such as age, lifestyle and medical conditions generally increase the level of osteoporosis.

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    December 05-06, 2022

    16th Global Summit on Orthopedics and Physiotherapy

    Rome, Italy

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